Rate Lock Updates


Important Update:

If you are originating a loan in one of these areas, here's how the mortgage process is being affected:

All new registrations and floating pipeline loans will not be able to lock until "Ready for Final Signoff Pending" status.

List Of U.S. Locations Currently Adopting Shelter-In-Place Orders


  1. Alabama
  2. Alaska
  3. Arizona
  4. California
  5. Colorado
  6. Connecticut
  7. Delaware
  8. Florida
  9. Georgia
  10. Hawaii
  11. Idaho
  12. Illinois
  13. Indiana
  14. Kansas
  15. Kentucky
  16. Louisiana
  17. Maryland
  18. Massachusetts
  19. Maine
  20. Michigan
  21. Minnesota
  22. Mississippi
  23. Montana
  24. Nevada
  25. New Hampshire
  26. New Jersey
  27. New Mexico
  28. New York
  29. North Carolina
  30. Ohio
  31. Oklahoma
  32. Oregon
  33. Pennsylvania
  34. Rhode Island
  35. South Carolina
  36. Tennessee
  37. Texas
  38. Vermont
  39. Virginia
  40. Washington
  41. Washington DC
  42. West Virginia
  43. Wisconsin


  • Boone County
  • Cass County
  • Clay County
  • Cole
  • Greene
  • Jackson County
  • Jefferson
  • Platte County
  • Randolph
  • Ray
  • St. Louis County
  • Salt Lake County
  • Summit County
  • Teton County

We will continue to accept registrations and loan applications and will complete loans that are currently in process. If you have any questions, please call your Account Executive or call (844) YES-QLMS.

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