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VA 360 – A Look into VA Loans From Every Perspective 

We’re hosting a live webinar to answer all of your critical to survival VA questions from every perspective. SOS has rallied together to curate and explain the questions that have you drowning. Take life raft and swim aboard the seas with us!

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Geno Yoscovits
VA Product Manager
Quicken Loans, Capital Markets

Geno Yoscovits is the VA Product Manager at Quicken Loans, Capital Markets. Geno has managed VA for the past two years. Prior to joining Capital Markets, Geno was a Mortgage Banker for Quicken Loans and thoroughly understands all aspects of the mortgage industry. Geno graduated from Wayne State University and also speaks German.


Stacy Hickey
Operations Director
Quicken Loans Mortgage Services

Stacy Hickey has 14 years of mortgage experience and have been with QLMS since its inception in 2010. During that time Stacy had the opportunity to be part of Solution Underwriting, Communication and Underwriting. Stacy’s current role is with the Partner Experience Team. The team communicates with both Clients and Partners to obtain feedback on how they can improve the process and the overall experience. Partner Experience then works with the QLMS Operations team members to execute on process improvements.


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