Social Media Bootcamp for Mortgage Professionals

Register Now | May 15 | 3:00 PM ET

Are you comfortable using social media in your personal life yet hung up on where to start when it comes to investing in a social media strategy for your business? Good news! Quicken Loans Family of Companies’ social media live panel will take you through a full scale social media course for beginners to intermediate users. It doesn’t matter what size your company is, social media is a powerful tool to stand out among the competition and expand your company’s marketing goals.

At Quicken Loans, our Social Team has found tremendous success with the client conversation, brand awareness, lead flow, website traffic, and more. Take advantage of our data-backed, methodically tested best practices and apply them to your plan. After this session, you’ll find that your success rate with social has nothing to do with luck, only with an actively dynamic approach.


Slam-Dunk Purchase Season with The Best MI

Available On Demand

Purchase season is here, which means more conversations with your clients about Mortgage Insurance. Not all MI pricing was created equal, and not every lender can guarantee the best rates. At QLMS, you get competitive offers for your clients, on top of an amazing experience.

During this session, our MI experts will give you an overview of both Lender Paid and Borrower Paid Mortgage Insurance. Gain all of the information you need to select what makes the most sense for your client’s unique situation. MI Experts will run through a variety of scenarios to give you the tools needed to identify the best value.


VA Product Focus

Available On Demand

Are you looking to build your VA knowledge and gain a full understanding of the entire process? Join our VA experts in this session that will provide you with the tools needed to serve local Veterans. The VA loan in the strongest product available for your qualified clients. Guide them through the entire process with confidence and ease as they begin their purchase or refinance journey with you!


2018 Business Plan Workshop

Available On Demand

The majority of business plans and goals set loan by MLO’s and managers often fail, simply because they lack the critical steps and details necessary for the plan to really work.  Whether you already have created your plan for 2018, in the process of working on it, or know you need to create one immediately, this presentation is exactly what you need to ensure that you everything needed to ensure your plan works for YOU.


Are You a JUMBO Whiz?

Available On Demand

Product confidence has the ability to make or break a deal with a potential client. Join Jumbo Product Manager, Bryan Kimbrell and Director of Training, Mike Budd in a session that will increase your product knowledge as you build your Jumbo pipeline. During the session, the presenters will set clear expectations when it comes to the guidelines and what to expect. In addition, learn about the highlights as well as a live Q&A session. Have a question now? Just enter in the Question section of the registration form and we’ll address during the webinar!

Are You a Jumbo Whiz

Step Forward with eClosing

Available On Demand

Join Title Source’s Chief Operating Officer Brian Hughes, and Account Executive Laura Miller, as they share information about the quickly changing landscape of eClosing. Don’t miss the chance to learn how closing options will soon change, and why eClosing is an essential step forward for you and your clients.

eClosing Webinar

Dominate Your VA Market

Available On Demand

For clients that qualify, a VA loan is the most powerful option available. As their trusted advisor, it’s up to you to guide them towards a confident choice and open the door to home ownership with impressive benefits.

Our team of VA experts will provide you with the tools needed to dominate your market and be viewed as a local leader when it comes to honoring veterans with this well-earned benefit.

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Cultivate Your USDA Business

Available On Demand

Our product line-up is growing with USDA, which will taking root this month! Did you know USDA may benefit purchase and refinance clients whose income is at or below the median county income level? In addition, USDA is not limited to first-time homebuyers.

USDA Webinar - Register Now

Insights to Achieve Client Satisfaction

Available On Demand

QLMS partners with STRATMOR to survey closed clients and share valuable insights with you to capture more business. Join us for a webinar that will give you the tools needed to achieve the ultimate client satisfaction.


MVL, Most Valuable Leads *Conversion Secrets*

Available On Demand

QLMS gives you the opportunity to have timely conversations when your past client is shopping again by putting them back into your hands. These clients have already agreed to a consultation with you! Join our experts at QL as they divulge our secret sauce when it comes to converting client referral leads. Cash in on our Most Valuable Leads!

MVL900 (2)

Boost your Purchase Pipeline with First-Time Homebuyers

Available On Demand

The average age of a first-time homebuyer falls into the millennial generation. With technology at their fingertips, buyers are savvy and expect a fast, simple, and easy transaction. First-time homebuyers make up a staggering 32% of all residential sales. According to the MBA purchase is projected to climb 11% this year.

Our Director of Coaching with the Mortgage Banker’s training academy is hosting a webinar complete with live Q&A that will prepare you with the same strategies QL bankers use when it comes to selling product, process, and technology.

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Be Condo-fident

Available on Demand

Are you new to the world of Condo origination? Are you looking to refresh your confidence in the Condo guidelines? We’ve got just the class for you!

Join us as our veteran coaches walk you through the guidelines and best practices of originating Condo loans.

condo webinar

Grow Your Realtor Network

Available On Demand

Clients receive the best possible experience when their real estate agent and mortgage provider work together. In-House Realty has a national network of Realtors with access to leading tools and technology. Master realtor communication to gain a deeper understanding into delivering your clients the best possible experience. Expand your footprint with local realtors.

With the rate environment ahead, we’d like to arm you with the tools you need to close as many purchase deals possible.

Realtor Network

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