Wholesale Manual

Wholesale Manual


In order to fully leverage the process and technology, you have to be able to understand it.
That’s where the QLMS Wholesale How To Manual comes in.  Fill out the short form to the right on this page and get a printed manual that provides step by step instructions to:

  • Submit a Loan to Underwriting and Get Approved fast
  • Interpret Loan Status and move things along
  • Glide through Closing

how-to-bookThose are just a few of the valuable step by step items you’ll find here.

While we know you’ll love what our process can do for you, it’s only as good as the people behind it.

“QLMS staff, every single one I’ve ever dealt with, is AWESOME.  The most professional team I’ve ever worked with; everyone responds like they have a stake in the loan we’re working on at the time.”

– B.P. , Florida QLMS Partner

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Our Values

Quicken Loans Mortgage Services provides an amazing experience for Partners to focus on their Clients and not the process. We are dedicated to helping our Partners grow their business.

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