QLMS Idea Lab

Welcome to an industry-first Idea Lab! We’re bringing together top marketing experts from Quicken Loans, America’s leading mortgage brand, to provide you with insights that can help you grow your business in 2019. Be part of one-on-one consultation opportunities and hourly huddles that focus on specific marketing topics. Spark new ideas on website lead conversion, search engine optimization (SEO), social media, client cultivation for life and more.

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Director of Business Channel Strategy

Tracey specializes in building marketing teams from the ground up. She empowers people to drive innovation, develop the brand and measure ROI. She’s assembled multiple teams across the Rock Family of Companies and is currently leading the marketing team for Quicken Loans Mortgage Services.

Topic: Multi-channel communications to optimize and grow your business


Communications Manager, Metrics and Marketing Hub

Chelsea is a marketing strategy expert, using data and analytics to improve all QLMS marketing campaigns. She also specializes in website development and develops effective marketing assets for our partners. Presently in the process of relaunching the QLMS website, Chelsea also blogs in her free time!  

Topic: Creating responsive website design, content and strategy to reach your target audience  and SEO best practices


Communications Manager, Social Media

Ashley is a social media expert with a focus on the B2B audiences and a direct-mail expert focusing on B2C audiences. She leads, plans and manages the strategy for all QLMS social content, helping us differentiate in the marketplace and build our brand.

Topic: Social media best practices for mortgage professionals and optimizing Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn for your target audience


Communications Manager, Cross Channel Campaign Strategy

Katy is a cross channel strategy expert responsible for developing, executing, tracking and evaluating emails, weekly videos, along with digital and print executions. She played a key role in the creation and development of the first QLMS marketing campaign, “Stronger Together” in all media platforms.

Topic: Tips, strategies and best practices for increasing your email open rate


Team Leader, Business Channel Strategy

Adam is a digital marketing expert focused promotional emails. He leads, plans and manages the strategy for Rapid Finance, differentiating the business channel in the marketplace.

Topic: Email marketing best practices for mortgage professionals