Mortgage Process

The Quicken Loans Mortgage Services Process

Simplicity is genius; it’s one of our ISMs, and it’s the way we run our process at Quicken Loans Mortgage Services. From initially registering your client’s loan all the way to closing, our goal is to set clear expectations up front. Who benefits? We all do, but most importantly, your client does. Below is a high level overview of the process your client’s loan will travel through. We’ll be there every step of the way keeping you aware as the loan progresses all the way to closing.

1003 Uploaded to the QLMS Portal. Our Rocket Launch team will run AUS Findings.

Your Client will receive an email to go here and e-sign the Intent to Proceed. Loan Estimate posted.

Our internal document listing all the documents we need, called the Things We Need From You, is posted and Partner may lock the rate. After the Client has signed the Intent to Proceed, you have the ability to lock rate and order appraisal.

All required documents on Thing we need From You submitted for UW review.

Loan is Conditionally Approved. Your dedicated Client Care Specialist (CCS) or Senior Purchase Specialist (SPS) make their initial call. 3rd Party Vendor items initiated. Client conditions submitted.

The designated Closing Agent will be directed to begin work on fees, vesting, and Closing Disclosure requirements. You will have a link to view the fees in our QLMS Portal.

All Client conditions and vendor items received. Fees have been finalized in Closing Agent Portal by the Closing Agent and QLMS Portal for the Partner

Once the Client has acknowledged the Closing Disclosure, the Closing Package and wire are sent to the Closing Agent.

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