With Our New BPMI Pricing, You’ll Have Even More of a Competitive Advantage

We’ve done it again. That’s right – as if having the industry’s best MI pricing weren’t already enough, we went ahead and lowered BPMI rates. Now we have an even greater advantage over our competitors, and we’re passing it on to you.

MI (1)

Find out how much more your clients will save using the calculators in your QLMS Portal. (Rates not available in Loan Sifter.)

Not all MI pricing was created equal, and not every lender can guarantee the best rates. At QLMS, you get competitive offers for your clients, on top of an amazing experience.

Experience the QLMS Difference

At Quicken Loans Mortgage Services, you don’t just get an excellent rate for your clients. You get the best of everything.

Servicing That Protects Your Business

By retaining servicing of your clients, we maximize opportunities for them to return to you for a new loan.

Marketing Resources to Help You Grow

Win new clients by leveraging over 32 years of experience from Quicken Loans, the industry’s strongest brand.

Our Proven Model Saves You Time

We continually streamline our operations and pass on efficiencies so you can focus on your clients.

Innovation That Works for You

Cutting-edge products like Property Hub and Asset Visibility help you close quickly and easily.

Pricing to Wow Your Clients

Deliver amazing value and save your clients even more money with our great new rates.

RockSolid Check out our Rock Solid pricing for your top-notch clients.

Agency Criteria

  • Credit: 45 bps
  • FICO: 680+
  • LTV: ≤85%
  • Loan Amount: $200,000+

Government Loans Criteria

  • Credit: 175 bps
  • Loan Amount: $125,000+


  • High balance INCLUDED
  • Industry-leading MI offers

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