Jan 06

The Broker Reel – Client Surveys

Join Dave Schroeder, VP, Mortgage Services and Andy Brooks of the Gatekeepers as they discuss client survey insights and what it means for you as a QLMS Partner.

Here are the insights we saw in 2016 that made a BIG difference.

  1. Provide a checklist to your client at the beginning of the process. We saw a huge jump in the overall satisfaction rate. It went from 52% for those that did not provide a checklist, all the way to 93% for those that did. Setting expectations early clearly means a lot to the client.
  2. Communication throughout the loan process matters. 88% of clients who closed a loan through QLMS said they had good communication throughout the process. The overall satisfaction for those clients was 91%.
  3. For loan officers that attend the closing, there was a jump from 90% to 94% in the overall satisfaction. The investment in the relationship makes all the difference.

Tune in to learn more!

Client Surveys

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